Hair Loss & Thinning

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If Hair Loss & Thinning is a major concern for you then this range of diverse solutions will help regain your confidence. Featuring a unique collection of techniques that both cover and aid hair growth, with premium brands like Nanogen, Nioxin and Viviscal all developing professional products to treat Hair Loss & Thinning.

?What Causes Male Hair Loss?

For a number of us, hair loss is inevitable. If you know what causes male hair loss, you're well on your way to helping slow down the process and potentially even prevent it.
Some of the main causes of male hair loss are:

  • High intensity or heavy resistance workouts. Whilst keeping fit is a definite must, working out too hard can cause your testosterone to spike, which can cause issues for your hair follicles. 
  • Scalp Inflammation. If your scalp produces too much oil, or you don't cleanse it properly and your pores clog, it can cause your scalp to  inflame. Shampoo your hair and you're on your way to combat the issue.
  • Smoking. We're sure you're aware that smoking isn't good for your health. Curb the cravings and prevent hair loss. 
  • Sleep Deprivation. Did you know your body repairs itself while you sleep? Being sleep deprived will slow down this process, which doesn't give your body time to mend. 
  • Stress. Any form of physical or mental stress is unhealthy, not just for your hair. It creates a hormone in balance, that can prevent hair growth.

What To Do About Male Hair Thinning? 

?Find a hair loss treatment shampoo for men, and conditioners that work into your daily routine to stimulate hair growth and cleanse your scalps pores for a clearer approach to hair growth. Special hair loss treatment shampoos use concentrated formulas of hair boosting formulas that thicken existing hair and work to activate follicles for continuous growth.

One of the unique techniques that you will find within the Hair Loss & Thinning range is the collection of fibres from Viviscal and Nanogen. Tiny fibres attach onto your existing hair and work on giving you a temporary thicker and fuller head of hair. This is a great way to get fast results whilst incorporating the treatments behind the scenes for long term results. You can find these fibres in a range of colours to suit your hair shade.

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Best Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo

1.    Kérastase Densifique Bain Densité Shampoo
2.    KORRES Magnesium & Wheat Proteins Men’s Shampoo
3.    Alpecin Sports Shampoo
4.    L’Oreal Professionnel Homme Shampoo Fiberboost
5.    Nanogen Thickening Treatment Shampoo for Men
6.    Jack Black True Volume Shampoo
7.    Viviscal Full Force Shampoo
8.    Lock Stock & Barrel Reconstruct Protein Shampoo
9.    Menscience Daily Shampoo
10.    Aramis Classic Protein Enriched Thickening Shampoo

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