Body Moisturisers

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Look after your skin with the wide range of body moisturisers from Mankind. Featuring hydrating and nourishing formulas that take care of your skin, they even skin tone and banish dry patches to make you feel good all over. Featuring body care from Anthony SkincareJack Black and Aesop, you’re sure to achieve incredible results.

A body moisturiser is an essential part of your daily routine. If you look after the skin on your face, you need to pay the same amount of attention to your body for the same results. Providing you with extremely nourishing and hydrating formulas, these body moisturisers improve the texture and appearance of your skin within a few days. Including formulas containing lavender, rosewater and lily, you can expect to give your skin a wealth of hydration as well as lightly scenting your skin.

How Do Moisturisers Work?

Moisturisers work by using substances capable of attracting and conserving water in the skin. This is usually done by formulating them with glycerin or hyaluronic acid. The moisturiser soaks into the skin, drawing in the moisture with it to make the skin soft, smooth and hydrated.

Top 10 Best Body Moisturisers for Men

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