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TINT Brush-On Tooth Paint at Mankind

Looking for a brighter, whiter smile without the side effects? The brand new TINT paint on tooth polish may be just what you need. This revolutionary formula is perfect for special occasions and days when you just need that extra boost of brightness to your smile. Got a first date? TINT it. Job interview? TINT it. Meeting the in-laws? TINT it. Whatever the occasion, this temporary tooth whitening wonder makes your smile a whiter place. 

Safer Tooth Whitening 

The TINT tooth whitening formula is safe to use and approved by dentists. Keeping away from harsh peroxides, there is not danger of sensitivity or side effects to ruin your long term smile. Protecting the enamel, the shade is instantly visible and you can adapt the strength of cover to suit your needs. Whether you're after a subtle upgrade to your smile, or going full Hollywood, the TINT range is versatile enough to meet your expectations.  Not only that, but the TINT range actually forms a barrier to protect your teeth from acid decay and further staining, working on all types of teeth.